Nebula Lounge

Romford, London

Nebula Lounge, a gamers hookah haven located in romford, England.

Nebula Lounge is an innovative and dynamic concept, aimed at providing a unique entertainment and dining experience to its customers. The interior design reflects this idea, immersing guests in a playful and futuristic environment reminiscent of a space in the galaxy.

At Nebula, customers can enjoy both gaming and dining, with the bar area featuring amorphous shapes inspired by the galaxy. By incorporating Brian Donnelly's KAWS sculptures and utilising special lighting elements in the gaming area, we were able to bring to life a unique character in the environment we created. The addition of these sculptures added a distinctive touch to the space, while the specially designed lighting helped to create an otherworldly atmosphere. Our ultimate aim was to transport guests into an interactive and imaginative galaxy-themed world.