The Bay Steakhouse

Herne Bay

Inside the restaurant, the warm wooden furniture and soft pastel fabrics evoke the feeling of a cosy summer evening, while the tranquil blue of the sea creates a serene contrast.

Our goal was to ensure functionality and a great customer experience, and we achieved this by dividing the volume into three primary functional areas - the main seating area, kitchen, and auxiliary spaces.

The garden section of the restaurant covers 139 square meters, and we strategically chose pastel green and sea blue colors to produce a natural contrast that conveys the serenity of the oceanfront view to customers. To engrave the restaurant's identity into the space, we created a patterned pathway inspired by the restaurant's logo leading to the interior.

To create a cosy atmosphere, we positioned the auxiliary spaces closer to the exterior walls, with the bar strategically placed to serve both the garden and the main seating room. The main seating area is located in the middle, allowing customers to bask in natural light from the large skylight.

Follow our page for updates on the construction process and be among the first to see the finished product as we prepare to unveil it to the world.