HDDS was founded in 2019 by Architectural Designer Hasan Degirmen. Its main purpose is to create the concepts of places such as space, business, house, which will be built by integrating the functioning of the design concept, under a single roof and to meet all design needs under one roof. The concept of a business is its character, this character exists through its design. These concepts are gathered under one roof to be created and processed in areas such as corporate identity, architecture, interior architecture and web design. In every field that the customer needs in design, the solution is provided under a single roof and the determined concept is embodied under a single roof. In this way, people can get everything they need about design under one roof, thanks to HDDS.

Our first goal is always to share the excitement and feeling of people, we start our design journey by feeling ourselves within that story and concept, so we work to reveal what should be lived and felt rather than design. In the journey of our customers, we sit on the side seat and guide them in the way of transferring their feelings to design in the way of embodying their dreams, and we turn their minds into reality.